Tammy Ryan


  • Full Length
  • Historic
  • Ammi Phillips
  • American Folk Artists
  • Womens Rights
  • Womens Suffrage
  • Seneca Falls Convention
  • 1848
  • Declaration of Sentiments
  • portrait painters
  • New England
  • Limners

Seven Cousins for a Horse tells the story of Ammi Phillips, the most prolific folk artist in American History, returning to his hometown of Colebrook, Connecticut in the wake of a personal tragedy. It is 1848, a time of great change. The Seneca Falls Convention is about to call for women’s suffrage, chattel slavery has finally ended in Connecticut, and there is already talk of a war between the states. But Ammi has work to do. He must capture the likenesses of his cousins, the Kinney family. All they can offer in payment is a strong horse, but that may be just the thing he needs to reset his itinerant career — and find his way back home.