Kirk Wood Bromley

Icarus and Aria

  • Full Length
  • Dark Comedy
  • Drama
  • Tragedy
  • Verse

Romeo and Juliet, updated. While riffing off its forerunner, Icarus and Aria is firmly situated in the present. Icarus Alzaro is a rookie football star just signed to a high profile contract with the Arizona Aztechs. Jimmy Jones, the owner of the Aztechs, has a teenage daughter named Aria. The two meet at a party to celebrate Icarus's joining the team, spend the night together and sneak away to the mountains together. By the next morning, their disappearance is a media sensation. The two young lovers are eventually pulled apart by forces and faces that surround them: a cast ranging from Dina, Aria's smart-mouthed best friend, and Primalo, Icarus's brother and head of El Imaginero, a crime ring linked to drug-dealing and a spate of murders to the Channel One News Team, spunky stepmom Cindy, trigger-happy Jimmy Junior, Medicine Woman, officers Barcaiolo and Junkfood, and more. A compelling contemporary take on the complexities of love, fame, and football.

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