Kirk Wood Bromley

The Bangers' Flopera

  • Full Length
  • Comedy
  • Dark Comedy
  • Experimental
  • Musical
  • Political
  • Tragedy
  • Translation
  • Unconventional
  • Verse

The Banger’s Flopera is a rock musical update (or as its subtitle suggests, a “musical perversion”) of the infamous Beggar’s Opera (the 18th century play which is also the source for Brecht’s Threepenny Opera). Where the original featured a cast of beggars, hookers and crooks, this new version features “gangstaz, pornstaz, and popstaz.” With a 16 song score, in styles ranging from rock and rap to torch songs and psychedelic power ballads, Banger’s offers a full rock musical experience along with a quintessentially mind-spinning Bromley script deeply steeped in “sex, thugs, and rock-n-roll.” True to its source in its ghetto and sleaze themes, it stars the infamous Mac the Knife, who in this version is morphed into a professional pornographer and consummate New York Gangsta. As Mac cheats, robs and murders his way to the electric chair, he's pardoned last minute by a criminal-friendly leader and replaced by a hobo and a hustler, resulting in an electrical, orgasmic execution of song and dance.

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