If you need to make accessibility arrangements, or have questions about building or program accessibility, please contact Christie Brown at or 212-757-6960.

Hearing Loss
New Dramatists offers video recording and/or transcription services for those attending seminars about our admissions process or other public speaking events. For public play readings, scripts may be printed upon request in advance of the event audience members who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please notify us one week in advance, if possible. 

Vision Loss
For audience members with vision loss or blindness, please note that our open readings and work sessions include the readings of stage directions aloud as part of the programming. At any reading or event that has a program, large print programs are available upon request. Large font scripts for published work included in our library are available upon request.

Wheelchair and Limited Mobility Access
All public readings are programmed at wheelchair-accessible partner venues. For people with mobility impairments and/or who use wheelchairs who are planning to visit the facility at 424 West 44th Street/Michaela O'Harra Public Manuscript Library, please contact Christie Brown at 212-757-6960 or email @email to make arrangements in advance. 

Service Animals
Service animals are always welcome at New Dramatists.

All of our restrooms are all-gender restrooms.

New Dramatists maintains an open, inclusive environment for resident playwrights and their audiences. We ensure that there is no income barrier to participation in any of our programs.

For Audiences: All events that are open to the public offer free admission for audiences. 

For Playwrights: We offer seven year-residencies, free of charge, to a company of approximately 50 playwrights who are selected through a competitive process administered by a panel of 7 peer playwrights and theatre professionals, which changes completely each year. The residency application is open to anyone who has written two full-length plays. Reading and evaluation of scripts for the first round is conducted without names attached to the works.

There is no fee to apply for playwright residency or for any awards or programs administered by New Dramatists, including the 7-Year Residency, Princess Grace Award in Playwriting, or Kleban Prize in Musical Theatre.

A Note to Artists Working at New Dramatists with our Playwrights
All of New Dramatists’ programs are dynamic, responsive, and customized: workshops are designed by our playwrights and incorporate the needs of their participating artists to ensure it meets each individual’s needs and requirements.

We address accessibility needs on an individual basis as part of this customized process—including, but not limited to, alternative accessible locations, large-print scripts, and transcription services—providing all artists with the resources needed to ensure full participation.